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How Dental Genius
Helps Dental Practices Grow

With the ever-changing world of web technology comes a necessity for consistent and frequent maintenance on your website and social profiles to remain ranking high enough to see new patient growth. Read how we build practice's online campaigns below.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

We use your address to help Google find your practice

Why do some practices rank for keywords, and some don't? We find out why, and we make adjustments to fine tune your campaign to optimize for keyword ranking.

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Google Adwords Management

We find new patients using Google looking for a Dentist

We create paid advertising campaigns with Google Adwords when organic traffic alone is not meeting our promised goal. With a Certified Google Adwords specialist, watch your inbound phone traffic soar between the hours of your choice.

Responsive Websites

We craft responsive digital experiences that work

We use responsive web design techniques to make sure your website is viewable to anyone with a modern tablet, phone, or personal computer. We showcase your work with attractive colors, logos, sliders, and before & after galleries.

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Conversion Optimization

We develop strategies that feed traffic to Dental practices.

We get new patients from a search engine, to your website, Google Maps, and your Dental practice. Walking a new patient each step of the way with an optimized web presence points the traffic directly to your door.


We write unique content, social media posts, and blog posts

With a constant addition of new content added to your website and social media profiles each month, you can ensure that the outreach to new patients is being made. We inform patients on your practice, health, and more!

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How It Works

A website from start to finish is handled by several web experts in each stage. Your website and social profiles are built to feed traffic directly to your practice.

  • Register and Confirm your Information

    Once you've registered with Dental Genius, we will call you and confirm your Practice's address, phone number, and buisiness name.

  • Pick a Base Design from our Catalog

    Your Support Manager will contact you to walkthrough the Order Wizard Form, where you will select a Base Framework from our catalog. You will be given an opportunity to choose colors, photos, and give other instructions to our Production team.

  • Choose a Call Tracking Number

    Your Support Manager will select a Call Tracking Number with you for your practice. When patients call this number is logged to your Genius Dashboard.

  • Custom Content Writing

    Once we have collected your practice's address, phone number, and other details, we will write unique and fresh content that embeds meta data with your information. Content is written based on your keywords chosen with your Support Manager.

  • Branding & Design

    In this last phase, we fulfill your graphic design and photo requests. We crop your photos, add them to the website, design logos, and apply your color preferences.

  • Website Showcase

    Your Support Manager will contact you to schedule a showcase meeting once the production team is complete building your website order.

Preview Latest Designs

Not only do our websites feature unique and keyword-rich content, are 100% mobile responsive, score high on Google tests, but they are also built to rank.

  • Origin

    Contrast and clean look will highlight any promotion with impact.

  • Teal Water

    Calming teal style with a professional contemporary feel.

  • Origin

    Contrast and clean look will highlight any promotion with impact.

  • Origin

    Contrast and clean look will highlight any promotion with impact.

We are ready to work for you.

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